About us

CloudCentric is a software development company founded with an intention to deliver outstanding IT services - software development, web & mobile application development, IT strategies development, web content development, business intelligence and IT management & consultancy.

We strive in providing service such as:

Social Networks

Custom built Social Networks that can serve dedicated purpose and address narrow user interests, meeting high performance and availability demands.


Development of complete e-commerce solution on top of industry standard platform such as Magento, Sylius or development of a custom built e-commerce solution based on specific client requirements.

Collaboration Platforms

Internal company/organization tools to boost personal or group activity - document repositories, issue tracking, activity feeds, messaging.


Development on top of 3rd party CRM solutions such as OroCRM and customizing it, or development of custom CRM solution and integrating it into the larger information system.

B2B & B2C Platforms

Platforms providing communication for business to business or a business to customer to organize product ordering, inventory management, shipping and invoicing.

Mobile development

Development of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Web sites development

Design and presentation of a brand that can stretch from small (brochure) website to a large corporate website.

System Administration and DevOps

Traditional and/or cloud hosting (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Docker, Vagrant) with 24/7 support.

Business Presentations

Planning, organizing and designing of complete company presentation with purpose to serve as a perfect promoter of your business.

Brand Identity Design

Creation of company's visual identity composed of designed elements gaining recognition across all platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Planning and maitaining social networks presence of your company, products and services.

Search Engine Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy tailored specifically for your needs. Paid search, pay-per-click and remarketing campaigns effectively placing your brand on Google and other serach engines.


We have many years of experience working with all the major tehnologies.
With our knowledge and your trust we can provide the highest level of service quality.